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This gallery showcases the marine life in various area of the world, typically in the Red Sea (Egypt) and Indo Pacific area (Philippines, Indonesia)
Pygmy seahorsePink Skunk Anemonefish in Heteractis MagnificaColeman Shrimps on fire sea urchinWestern Clown AnemonefishReefscapeJawfishWestern Clown AnemonefishJuvenilePfeffer's Flamboyant CuttlefishBlotched HawkfishAnthias on coral reefTriple-Tail Maori WrasseBasket Star ShrimpGreater Blue-ringed octopusBoxing CrabManta RayYellow-Mouthed MorayLongsnout Stick PipefishSweepers under coral bommieNembrota Kubaryana